Hidden Green Forrest Get-a-way Inspiration

By In Inspiration, Style — March 11, 2017

For those who don’t know me I love the outdoors and nature! I love to explore new gardens and hikes. For the home I buy in the future I HAVE to have big flowing trees and lots of them but I love the idea of a cabin style weekend-home. I found some amazing inspirations that totally capture what I’m looking for in a get-a-way. I got totally lucky in finding a man who has the same ideas for a future home/ vacation spot and together we have searched for different ideas to implement when the time comes!

Source: Weheartit.com

A Nestled Cabin

How gorgeous is this!? I cant take it. I love the surrounding trees and the cabin being right near the water. Perfect for a weekend get-a-way or planned group glamping adventure! Only one concern being..it looks quite cold and I am NOT a fan of the frost. Maybe in a warmer more tropical location.

Source: Stylestate

Romantic Huge Open Windows

Big windows are my favorite! I hate feeling trapped in a little white box. Plus I am a tad bit claustrophobic ever since getting trapped in a closet sized bathroom in Italy. (scary story) This is perfect for my boyfriend and I to have a glass of wine or enjoy a rainy afternoon with a great view.

Source: Onekingslane

Open Kitchen with Greenery

Large windows! Lots of Green!

I have to cook. If I eat out too many times a week I miss cooking. I need an open and inviting kitchen even when it comes to my weekend getaway. I like the smell of flowers in my kitchen so I’d have a lot of seasonals growing

Source: Tumblr

Hobbit Inspired Bathroom

I just imagine finishing up my relaxing bath, and going to answer the door bell, when none other than Gandalf The grey comes to visit! Love the wood flooring and deep bath. With windows to look out, but elevated so no one can really see in! Perfect Indoor bath idea. The sky window at the top just makes the whole room 100 times better. Love me some rainy day bath time.




Source: Buzzfeed

Natural Serene Bath

I am a huge bath-taker if you cant tell by this post having TWO bath ideas. But I totally take my time applying face-masks ,adding bubbles, pretending I’m a mermaid, and reaching total relaxation in my baths. Its my way of detoxing and decompressing after a long day of website maintenance, workouts, and adulting. I love the natural looking rocks and how it opens to the forest. My kind of design!