Why Adaptability is The Most Valuable Quality for Business

By In Inspiration — March 07, 2017

Picture an environment that is constantly changing, one in which you never know what is going to happen next. Of the species alive today, which do you think is going to survive and prosper best in an ever changing world?

The strongest species?

Or maybe the smartest?!

How about the species that has the most adaptability? Business is kinda like an ever changing world. One minute  you’re up… and the next you’re down. The ones who discourage easily usually throw in the towel at the first sign of “failure”  and the weak of heart don’t get through the first few months of growing their business. But the ones who persevere are the people who are adapting to their environment at the rate it is changed. When I chose to create my logo on this site, I wanted a representation of an adapting mindset. This is why I chose the Chameleon. Depending on the chameleons colors we can see what state of mind he is in. Becoming brighter and standing out when needed (to attract a mate) or blending in with its surroundings, moving like the leaves, to lay low and confuse predators. Stay with me here. Our most valuable qualities count for little if we CANNOT adapt to a changing environment. Learning to stand out when it is necessary and accepting time to blend in and not be seen. For me, I have had MANY obstacles in my life. From poverty, to sickness, to financial stress. Each obstacle I only over came because I learned to adapt. I had to change my mindset to rid stress, resolve financial problems and motivate myself. Learn. Unlearn. Relearn. Repeat.

This may not just apply to business. Relationships need adaptation for ever changing humans. Marriages fail when one partner changes and the other cannot adapt to the change in them. It is true in the travel community. Travel is ALL about adaptation. Going into a new culture and being able to adjust accordingly for the time being is why I love traveling so much! You never return from traveling  to a new place, as the same person you left.

So what are some qualities of highly adaptable people..

  1. Adaptable people don’t whine

    They see their circumstances as situations rather than “problems”. They take the situation that needs to be handled- and handle it to the best of their abilities and resources.

  2. They see opportunity where others are discouraged.

    Instead of becoming discouraged by their situation or current business status, highly adaptable people see opportunity where others see “work”. They are excited to find new avenues to utilize and don’t play the victim to their circumstances.

  3. They see change as a good thing.

    For them it means things are moving along. They have accepted that things will always change and that it is not a bad thing. They use change to their advantage and grow wiser by learning what it means to be unafraid of the unknown.

  4. Adaptable people are/or become resourceful.

    When the resources are used and plan A did not work, they find other ways to get a task done. They don’t put all their eggs in one basket, so that when it falls through they are left with nothing. Instead they develop contingency plans as well as plans B, C, and D!

  5. Adaptable people are open-minded.

    Its soooooo annoying when you’re in a conversation with someone and they aren’t actually receiving anything you are saying. They sit and listen to RESPOND. They don’t listen to HEAR. Their opinion is set in stone and even if you had the best idea in the world, they wouldn’t hear it. They have closed themselves to anything that they don’t feel like opening their mind to. THIS IS NOT ADAPTING. Highly adaptable people know that they do not have all the answers. They welcome feedback and enjoy learning what other people think, and believe. This does not mean they are gullible and accept anything as truth. It means they are open to learning new things even if that means accepting they may have been wrong in the past.

We can all practice being more adaptable. We can all learn and unlearn. And we can all benefit from being a Chameleon. How does change effect you?


“progress is impossible without change. And those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything”