Only 5 sales will make you 1,000 dollars from ONE Affiliate program!!

By In Make Money at Home — March 03, 2017

If you are a blogger (LIKE ME) you probably earn the majority of your living off Affiliate programs. One thing I am VERY particular about, is ONLY promoting products that I really love and want to share with my readers. If you are sharing a bunch of content and really have no idea how great the product is- you’re kinda being a jerk to your readers. That being said, before you sign up for this affiliate program (you are definitely going to want to!) check out my earlier post Why you should switch to Wp engine for web hosting and learn why this is TRULY A GREAT PRODUCT! 

*This post contains affiliate links at NO cost to you. =)

Now as stated in the title it may be quite shocking to see an affiliate program paying out some high dollar! I was just as surprised as you are to learn that you can make…

$1,000 dollars off just 5 sales!

Here’s how it works and don’t worry its a piece of cake.

First: Read my earlier blog and get to Know Wp Engine. In short Wp Engine is a hosting site for your website that is outdoing all the others in the industry with its speed, security, affiliate program, and scalability.

Second: Sign up for the affiliate program (its free) by clicking —> WP Engine !

Third: Write a post on you site like this one explaining the benefits for everyone who signs up AND/OR hosts with Wp Engine!

I absolutely love the quality they offer in their host plans and if you’re serious about your site/business/blog I’d recommend switching your hosting site as soon as possible. If you read my post about why they are the best in the industry you’ll know that they can ensure your site is running at optimal level. Its easy to switch over you can click

–> Move your site to WP Engine in less than 30 minutes to make it even simpler. =)

Okay on to the EARNINGS! Wp Engine will also send you a bonus for referring as little as 5 people a month. Here’s just a quick calculation of what you will earn.

#Monthly Sales     Commissions     Bonuses    $ Total

          5                              1,000                 100              $1,100

         10                              2,100                 250              $2,350

        25                              5,350                 625               $5,975

        40                              8,975                1,000            $9,975

       60                              13,975              1,500             $15,475

Another way signing up for the affiliate program will make you some cash, again its free, is by referring others who want to be affiliates also. On this one, they will pay you $50 dollars just for referring other affiliate sign-ups!


You can’t go wrong with Wp Engine. I want this post to help my readers get into affiliate programs that will actually pay you well! and also I love referring my readers to sign up for this hosting network since an excellent running site is going to benefit you in the long run! We’re all in this together and getting good information passed down to help other bloggers is my ultimate goal!


Let’s help each other thrive!


“We rise by helping others, No one has ever become poor by giving”