Why You Should Switch to Wp Engine for Web Hosting!

By In Make Money at Home, Uncategorized — February 27, 2017

Do you want to have a smooth running site?

How about a great hosting provider that’ll actually PAY YOU $$?

If the answer is YES then this post is for you!! If you want to build a website, or start a blog you have got to find hosting! Web hosting is what provides the technologies and services to project your site out to the world. It is one of the first steps in setting your site up. If you’re reading this and you already have hosting- THAT’S GREAT! But do you have a hosting provider that is not only the best in the business but also has an affiliate program that with actually PAY YOU big bucks for referrals?? Well look no further you’re about to discover a fantastic hosting site and a legitimate way to earn money with an affiliate program that pays top dollar.

*This post contains affiliate links!

Finding and host site these days is pretty easy, however getting the best service possible is another story! While there are some good ones out there that I have used in the past, THE ABSOLUTE BEST (in my opinion) is WP Engine ! It is incredibly easy to use and the support is outstanding!! For me, when I first started out with my blog and websites, I was completely clueless about hosting or websites in general, so having quality support in building my online presence was essential!! Who doesn’t want around-the-clock help from the experts themselves?!



Here are my top 5 Reasons to choose WP Engine over the rest and how it can make you money!

1. SPEED!!

Did you know that sites such as google and bing penalize you for having a slower site?? Well, they do! That means readers aren’t going to be able to find your site as easily. If you are trying to gain more traffic to your site but it runs slow, you will have 10x more difficulty doing so! So, do you want a lightening quick website that has little load time? YES. You most definitely do! A site that loads slowly will also quickly turn away readers and potential fans of your work, even if they do find your site! Lets face it- people don’t want to sit around and wait for a site to load just to read an article, no matter how fantastic the content is. We have all been there..waiting…and waiting…and finally pushing the back button and moving on to another FASTER page. With WP Engine you will get the fastest load time and you’ll be feeling like a pro with an awesome site that your audience never has to wait on. On average customers who switch over see their site moving 4x faster than before!

Don’t take my word for it! Test your site’s speed and see for yourself!


WordPress Speed Test


Now what the heck does that even mean, right? I had that same question. What this means is your site will be able to handle tons of attention at once, without crashing or going down. If you’ve ever had, or plan on having, tons of readers visit your site you will NEED a hosting service that can handle it. If you post an amazing blog post and are getting bursts of people wanting to read it, having your site crash is almost devastating! Its the worst possible time for it to go down. Right when you have a huge audience BAMMMMM!!!!! They are no longer able to read it. Wp Engine has had customers featured on TV and news papers without having problems with crashing sites. This is a great feature Wp Engine offers.



Everyday thousands of attacks on sites happen. Hackers and spammers feed off of low security sites. Unfortunately if you get hacked its extremely hard and frustrating to resolve the problem. With hosting from Wp Engine, you have constant top notch security to ensure your website/blog is safe!



I get so sick of forums or FAQs that don’t answer my questions. Instead you will be offered round the clock support from pros who actually know what they’re are talking about. Wp Engine has more experts per 100 customers Than anyone else in the industry!! They are the real deal and leaders in webhost services.

And here’s my favorite one!


One of the best parts of their service is that they have an awesome affiliate program! That means you can promote a service you love and they will reward you but paying $200 dollars per referral. You not only get amazing service, great website hosting, and top notch security. On top of everything they’ll actually pay YOU to help people learn about how awesome they are! If you have a site and are tired of low paying affiliate programs Sign up for the WP Engine affiliate program and receive a minimum of $200 per referral!

You cannot go wrong with Wp engine and if you’re wondering if its worth it,Come see what makes WP Engine different.


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