Kick-Start Monday Leg and Booty workout with meal plan!

By In Health and Fitness — February 13, 2017

There are a shit ton of workout plans out there that kinda look like someone just through a bunch of jumping jacks and squats together to fill empty space in a workout plan. For me that’s super frustrating because when I am looking for new workouts to add to my routines, I want REAL exercises that have worked for REAL people. That being said- I am constantly looking for new or unique exercises BECAUSE that is how you shock your body into changing for the better. If you have ever felt as if you hit a plateau in your muscle building it may be because your body has adapted  to the same exercises being done over and over. This is why it is good to train different muscle groups on different days. If you guys have any workout you want me to try, feel free to comment them below. Were in this together 😉

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This is my GO-TO booty and leg workout. I do this at least twice a week along with other exercises that will be in a future post for FULL-BODY. This workout has given me GREAT results with Resistance Bands if you don’t have any Getcha some!



10 reps each

repeat 4x

  1. Light Weighted Squats-I put 25 lbs on each side of the squat bar. This is light weight but on these I go as low as I can go. keep your back straight, don’t let your knees go over your toes.
  2. Resistance Squats– These are regular squats with a resistance band around your thighs.
  3. Add the weight– The same exercise as number two but holding 8-10 lb weights. Don’t forget the resistance band!
  4. Kettle sumo squats with a pulse– I use a heavier kettle bell weight maybe 25 lbs. Stand in sumo squat position, holding the kettle bell with both hands, let is hang loosely between legs. (dont use arm strenght) Squat until the kettle bell touches the floor. (if youre tired of hearing the word “Squat”, trust me, you wont be once those glutes start looking toned)
  5. jump squats for the win!– Get the lightest resistance band you have, place around thighs, squat down and explode up reaching hands to the sky.
  6. Walking lunges– I hate lunges. ew just being honest. BUT  they work. Get those sexy legs.

If this workout is too intense or you’re tiring easily start with just repeating the circuit 3x or if you’re a beginner 2x! There is no shame in taking it down a notch! 🙂 through out my work out I use BCAA to keep up stamina, prevent cramping, and repair muscles faster. It has made all the difference for me since I am small and it is SO DAMN HARD to keep muscle gains on my body!



Monday Meal-Plan

*Note: i love to use Flaxseed in most of my meals because it is a super food with Omega-3, the GOOD kind of fat! It can help lower cholesterol, improve digestion, improve skin and hair health, fight cancer, and sooo many other benefits! It is high in antioxidants and can also work to balance hormones.


oatmeal (of choice) strawberries, honey,Flaxseed,dash of cinnamon, a little almond milk


Toast (lightly buttered) with turkey bacon, egg whites, avocado, flax seed.

Second breakfast:

Smoothie- protein of choice! peanut butter, banana, honey, , almond milk.

if you don’t like protein so early in the morning this smoothie is a great source on its own!

Lunch: Quinoa, veggies (carrots,broccoi, califlower, squash), olive oil (or cococut) seasoning

how to– cook quinoa. In seperate pan lightly cook veggies in olive oil or coconut oil.

add a little of each depending on preference: tumeric, chili powder, minced garlic, onion powder, salt, pepper.

Combine cooked quinoa and cooked veggies.


Grilled chicken, or Salmon (i love lemon pepper)

with choice of veggies. for me I like asparagus, or a side salad.


Let me know how you liked this plan!


Do what most people WONT today, so you can do what most people CANT tomorrow!