My favorite low cost skin care products that ACTUALLY WORK!

By In Beauty — January 21, 2017

Let me start by stating that I am just one of those people who loves to experiment with new skin care lines to find GREAT quality!

As in my bio I stated that I had a modeling contract for a few years and also worked as a Body/photo double recently for the main actress in a new film! That being said I found it increasingly hard to keep my skin glowing and healthy. I had to wear heavy camera makeup for 13+hours a day! That is terrible for your skin.If you know me you’ll know I am anti-caked makeup and pro healthy skin!  I love waking up, and feeling like “I really don’t need make-up today” (just sunscreen and mascara because they are my favorites)

Hey I’m still a woman. I DO like to bat my lashes. 😉

To help all you lovely people out I have compiled a list of products that are my personal favorites!Oh and if you notice a trend in Korean Cosmetics, its because I am a HUGE fan of Korean skin care! To read my post on some Amazing Korean skin care products that have change my skin for the better click here. Now, I am no dermatologist and everyone’s skin is different but these are my go to products that have ACTUALLY WORKED for me.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these and I hope you do too! ps. they are also pretty cheap!

The following posts contain affiliate links 🙂


1. Tony Moly “I’m Real” Face Masks!

I am a HUGE fan of Korean cosmetics one of my go to products are the Tony Moly I’m Real Mask Sheet Mask that come in a pack of 11! Each one is different, but all are excellent! I love doing face masks especially after a long day during a hot bath! I have used almost every single one in the pack and so far I can say I am very impressed! My skin breaks out easily with new products and I was pleased to see that I didn’t have a single breakout. They left my skin soft and hydrated!




2.Snail Hyrdo-gel Mask

As i’ve stated before I love face masks. The Intense Care Snail Hydro Gel Mask is my absolute favorite! This is the snail mask I tell all my friends about. It has a different feel than other masks, kinda like silicone. So yes its a little weird.. and it also contains snail mucin filtrate.. Okay its REALLY weird. But hear me out, this mask has made my face velvet smooth and has diminished small wrinkles with continued use! It truly feels like a luxury mask. It is intensely moisturizing for tighter, healthier looking skin. This mask does it all. If you’re looking for a mask to re-hydrate, repair, soften and brighten skin, while bringing back the vitality of a youthful look this is the mask for you! Buy in bulk because you’ll want to use it multiple times. I use my every Sunday and feel ready to repair what the week has taken away from me.


3. Tony Moly Wonder Butter

This is my absolute favorite moisturizer and The Best Body Butter I have ever used! It is light weight and has nice smell to it that is not too overwhelming! It is perfect for every skin type, and can even be used on your face. I put this stuff everywhere! My face is very sensitive to some products and I break out easier than most. This did not cause me a single breakout even using it under makeup. This jar will last you a long time. I have used it everyday for a few months and I am still not half way through it. UNDER 20 bucks guys! Go grab it!



2. Clinique Sugar Pots lip balm

YOUR LIPS WILL THANK YOU! I struggle with dry lips. I almost always feel like I have crocidile lips at some point during the year. Whether its because of weather changes or not getting enough water, whatever the reason Clinique Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm has saved me! The “pot” is two sided, one side is a scrub and the other is the balm which is a little glossy (so if you hate glossy type things this is not for you). To use it you simply scrub your lips with a finger for about 30 seconds then wipe off the excess with a tissue. No water needed! Then apply the balm or just go au naturel. This one is in Pink Framboise and I think its the perfect color and goes well with all skin tones!
This is a bit more pricy then the rest, but still under 30 dollars, will last a long time, and SO WORTH it in my opinion.


5. Bulgarian Rose Water

Rose Water has been used all over the world for thousands of years, the Romans were the first ones to document the many healing powers and beauty benefits and since then it has gained more popularity in modern day aesthetic uses. Rose water has anti-inflamatory properties, reduces redness, removes excess oil, and tones the skin while hydrating. It is used for skin, in cooking, for hair and any other thing you can think of! Personally I use this for my face in the morning and before bed applied with a cotton ball. I have also found it useful for sunburn relief during the hotter months. I also put some in a spray bottle and spritz my hair after a shower to condition it and give it a great rose smell!



6. Cushion Blusher

I love this blush product because I love warm weather and it has never felt cakey or melted to create streaks on my face.Peripera Ah Much Real My Cushion Blusher  gives a dewy look with out looking oily and comes in great shades. A little goes a long way! Sometimes I only wear BB or CC cream and a bit of this stuff to make it look like I actually spent time of my face. Its pretty cheap at under 10 dollars and is wonderful for low maintenance days when you need that little extra something!


7. Tony Moly Eyeliner

I have searched far and wide for an eyeliner that works well for me. I have always had either a great consistency with a not so great applicator or vice versa. Sometimes I would get a great liner and find that by the end of the day it had smudged or rubbed off in places. It has been so difficult to find one that had all the things I was looking for, until I found Tony Moly’s  Backstage Gel Eyeliner in black It stays put all day and has the perfect applicator!! It is easy to remove and WILL rub off if you are rubbing your eyes during the day but for the most part I didn’t even notice it fading! Get it for under 10$! Its a steal!!