How I make money blogging and how YOU can too!

By In Make Money at Home — January 14, 2017


Now that you have  your blog up and running, you are probably wondering “how the hell am I supposed to create income through my site?!”

Fear not, for in this post I am going to outline a few popular ways bloggers are making money online.

Cost per click/Pay per click Ads

CPC/PPC Ads: Cost per click (also called pay per click) ads are usually banners that you place in your content or sidebar. Each time a reader clicks on the ad, you are paid for that click.

These ads generate income by paying you per click! They are typically banners that you can place on your site somewhere. When a reader clicks the ad you’ve placed, you get a small pay out. 🙂 While the payout usually is not much per click, it does add up over time and is a good way to earn money even when you’re not posting new content!(make money while sleeping)


AKA “cost for 1,000 impressions” These ads pay you a fixed amount based of how many view each ad.

I use Google Adsense and it has worked great for me! Google finds ads relevent to your content, you place some on your site, readers click on them and Voila! You’ve made money!

Affiliate marketing

This is probably one of the most popular ways to make money with your blog/site. Affiliate marketing is when you become an affiliate with a certain brand or product that you want your readers to use and be aware of! It works like this:

  1. You apply to join an affiliate program that you want to promote.
  2. The seller agrees and allows you to join the program. (this is a quick process)
  3. You’ll be given an affiliate code, affiliate links, or banners to place on your site or in your blog posts.
  4. If a buyer clicks on your link and buys something, you get a commission from whatever they buy.

Try these methods and comment below to let me know which your prefer.

Questions and comments are always welcome!