Step by Step: how to start your own blog

By In Make Money at Home — January 09, 2017

The following post contains affiliate links.


Whether you love art or you are a fitness junkie, blogging is something anyone can enjoy and profit from! There are people out there who will tell you how hard it is to make a full-time income blogging…DON’T LISTEN. It is only “hard” if you make it that way by adopting the belief that “making money blogging and having the life I want is a long shot”. I have been told many times that its not reasonable to think I can blog and make more than enough to travel the world and live the life I have always wanted. This is one of the most discouraging thing new bloggers can hear and I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH HOW WRONG THEY ARE. Stay motivated. Stay dedicated. Start your blog. There is no better time than now!

If your dream is to work from home, or anywhere in the world, blogging may be your dream job! Believe it or not starting a blog is rather simple. I’m going to outline the steps for you here so that you can start blogging today!


First things first: Decide what your blog/site will be about

What are you going to write about? What interests you? What are you good at? What do people need help with? These are the questions to ask yourself when you’re deciding what your blog will be about. You can create a cooking blog, fishing blog, fitness blog, dancing blog, I mean the possibilities are endless! Choose your topic!



Once you chose your topic you’ll need to pick a name for your site.

Go to and find a clever domain name for your blog. Example: is my site name because my blog is all about thriving in your 20’s in every area of your life. Godaddy will tell you if your name is available and from there you just have to pick one. Be creative and make sure the name is related to your topic somehow. 🙂


Next you’ll need to purchase hosting.

The site I recommend using is WP Engine ! There are a few different hosting sites to choose from but for me Wp engine is the best option! If you want to find out why they are amazing providing amazing hosting services you can read my post HERE! They also offer an amazing affiliate program that will pay you top dollar! I have written a post specifically explaining the benefits of this and you can read it by clikcing –>ONLY 5 SALES WILL MAKE YOU 1000 DOLLARS WITH THIS AFFILIATE PROGRAM.

I personally think they are the best in the business but You’re in the drivers seat here!

This site also has 24/7 customer service. I have called them several times over the course of my blogging career and they have always been kind and helpful.

Download wordpress

You should be able to download word press directly from the wordpress site! I would definitely call Wp Engine’s toll free number and have them walk you through downloading wordpress, after you have bought your hosting plan online. Its pretty easy but they can make it easier and save you time! They will also walk you through pointing your DNS server. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what that is! they will explain it to you better than I could 🙂



Next is the fun part of choosing a theme!

Note: you can start writing posts on your wordpress site before choosing a theme if you are not yet ready to pick one! I find my themes in the hostgator market place which you will have seen while you were installing wordpress. Be sure to be selective with your theme. There are thousands of themes out there and taking the time to fish around for the right one for you is worth the extra effort. I would not recommend getting a free theme because they seem to be more work in the long run. They are limited on what they can showcase and sometimes also have security issues.

I find all my themes in the Mojomarketplace! They have a theme for every type of blog or website! Check them out!

Start writing!

That’s it! you now have your very own blog. There are endless possibilities on what you can do with it. Remember what you put in you will get out. Be sure to write quality content and promote your site whenever you can. The Final thing that most bloggers start to do right away is signing up for Affiliate programs! It’s pretty easy. You just need to sign up to multiple affiliate sites and search for products you love and use to promote. Below are some of the best sites to visit and sign up for!


Here are a few Affiliate networks to join to get you started!!

1. Rakuten Affiliate Network! Signing up is easy just click –>   Come Join the #1 Affiliate Network!

2. Shareasale! This is one of my favorites. —>Join, Earn Cash!

3. Clickbank!  They have a ton of products to promote! to join —>CLICK HERE


When accepted into the network, you can then start searching for products that you would like to promote! Sometimes you are accepted quickly into programs and sometimes it takes a few days or weeks depending on the program!



Leave a comment and let me know how your blog is doing!