Things to do in Lausanne, Switzerland!

By In Travel — January 05, 2017

Switzerland is not only home to some of my family, but one of my absolute FAVORITE places on earth! Not even exaggerating here. If you want to visit a place of rich culture and scenic views at every turn, go ahead and by your ticket now! For those traveling from the US, prices can be high if you don’t know the right time to book or how to find the best deals. If you’d like details on how I book all my trips click here!

Now back to it:

Just making sure you’re still following. 😉

We flew into Geneva Switzerland and drove about 40 minutes to my family’s home in Lausanne! I feel like this place hasn’t received the attention it deserves. There are rolling hills of vineyards and mountains surrounding beautiful Lake Geneva which boarders Switzerland’s neighbors Germany, and France.

(Btw Lausanne is in the French speaking part of Switzerland)

The pictures don’t do justice to these views. They are just breathtaking not to mention the summer weather is perfect. I arrived in early August to 75 degree weather and clear skies. Definitely check out the vineyards! You can drive around or park and walk up and into the vineyards by stairs to get a better photo op!

Moving right along. Like I said earlier Lausanne is only a short drive to Geneva where you can find parks such as “Parc la grange” or walk and bike the trail along Lake Geneva! There are a few parks to picnic, swim, and bike at that are right on the lake. If you are used to hotter swimming weather you might get a bit of a shock diving in the freezing waters. The locals jump in and don’t seem to notice the freezing temperature of the water at all! When I say “freezing” I don’t actually mean its ice. I tend to get cold with the slightest breeze and i’m just a naturally cold person, so don’t let me deter you from taking a dip.

If swimming isnt your thing, you can stay dry and still enjoy the lake by walking along the pier!

For all you adventure seekers out there, the Swiss enjoy a good thrill. Many activities I did not get to do while I visited but there is ziplining, hang gliding, mountain climbing, skiing, and countless others. One place I did visit was the Seilpark adventure course in Interlaken! They essentially have an obstacle course built high up in the trees, sometimes hanging over running water! You harness into a zipline system and complete obstacles of 9 different paths and skill levels. You have to complete some of the lower level courses to reach the BLACK course which is the hardest and was actually very challenging! I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a good workout and challenging fun. Bon chance!

The stress of planning a huge trip can be overwhelming but ensuring you do your research and having a good itinerary will help it all go much smoother! Make sure to get plenty of rest, choose healthy food items and last but not least don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers.