Milan Italy’s Duamo Cathedral

By In Travel — January 05, 2017

Upon arriving in Italy you are met with a culture unlike any other! I am a pretty big history buff and Italy’s history is one of my favorite topics of interest! I will cover Italy more in dept at a later time but for now I bring you The Duamo Cathedral of Milan!

This amazing cathedral located in Milan, Italy is the largest church in Italy and the 5th largest in the world! Its truly a sight to see and you don’t want to miss it. The Duamo took nearly 6 centuries to complete, and draws thousands of tourists each year. Here are a few things to keep in mind while coming to view or pray within the church.

Firstly this is a holy place of prayer so if your arms are bare you will be given a shawl to cover up with while entering the Cathedral. This is custom and out of respect for the religious custom. I wouldn’t argue 🙂

Secondly this place tends to bring a crowd so plan to be there and early or wait in a line (that typically goes rather quickly) With that being said scammers and people trying to make money will try to get you to buy things and sometimes they are very pushy! One thing to look out for is men putting bird seed in your hand, letting you feed birds, and then asking for money for the seed. Nope. I’m not joking. Being aware should prevent this problem though. A stern “NO” will usually make the person move on to the next unsuspecting tourist.


If you really want to feed the birds and get a great and amusing capture just bring a piece of bread. You will literally be covered in them. Trust me.


Lastly The Cathedral doesn’t allow pictures inside to tourist. So if you are looking to take some pictures inside, you may be out of luck. Still this is totally worth the time spent here. Check it out and let me know what you think!