A Norway trip gone wrong with 5 things to avoid while traveling

By In Travel — January 05, 2017

This was me so happy to finally be out of Norway and in the Denmark airport heading to Switzerland, after the worst 48 hours I’ve ever experienced traveling so far!


I was sooooooo excited to book my ticket to Norway, for what was supposed to be an epic hiking/backpacking trip. Well lets just say “things don’t always go as planned” or in my own words…IT ALL WENT TO SHIT!

Dos and Don’ts of planning a backpacking trip!

The spontaneity in me drove me to buy a one way ticket to Norway with little savings and preparation. By “little” I mean I was prepared to go with 600 USD available to spend on this out of country trip and planned to go with a single Patagonia backpack. (keep in mind this was in my younger days of traveling and I was still making so big travel mistakes)

  1. DONT: Travel out of country with less than enough money to cover all expenses AND without extra money to cover unexpected mishaps or changes. (unless you are a seasoned traveler and are just a badass at traveling on a dime)

DO: Caculate expenses including, room and board, food,transportation,extracurricular, and unexpected events.

ahhh this one is a little more embarrassing but bare with me. I was at the end of my relationship with a guy I had dated for years and I planned this trip for MYSELF. Long story short- he wanted to come and I reluctantly agreed. We ended up arguing about almost EVERYTHING along the way. Things that should have been relaxing and enjoyable became daunting and frustrating. These next Dos and DON’Ts I cannot stress enough!

2. DONT: Travel with and unreliable travel partner! The ups and downs of traveling are both wonderful in their own way BUT if you choose to travel with someone you can’t be stuck on a long flight with, without wanting to jump out the window- DON’T TRAVEL WITH THEM (unless they are family and you absolutely have to)

DO: Choose to travel with a friend, partner, or family with whom you feel absolutely comfortable with. Someone who has the same itinerary or doesn’t mind trading off and doing something each of you would like to do. Pick someone who is reliable and understands that most adventures never go as planned- and that’s OK!

Being that this was one of my first trips I was unaware that I actually needed to let my bank know that I was traveling out of country. After a few purchases in Oslo my card was soon frozen by my bank trying to prevent fraud on my account. Note: not every place will accept your credit or debit card but there are places that will and buying things online in a different country will sometimes set off a fraud alert too.

3. DONT: Forget to let your bank know that you will be traveling out of country and there may be charges from several different locations.

DO: Exchange currency at the airport so that you have cash handy in the right currency for that country.