5 Reasons to Travel in your 20s

By In Travel — January 05, 2017


  1. New experiences! Your 20s are all about finding yourself, what better way to discover who you really are then to get out of your comfort zone and experience another culture.
  2. Meet new people. Have you ever been bored with the same old people from the same little town, talking about the same boring things? no? well lucky you! For the rest of us, traveling to a new place is a chance to meet a new group of friends and experience a new enviroment. Establish relationships and invite eachother to bring something fresh and new to the table.
  3. Learn a new language! because…bonjour!
  4. You will feel accomplished and will make memories that will last a lifetime!
  5. It’ll make you miss home. seriously this is a good one. We tend to get bored with the same things each day (as mentioned above) spending extended time in a new country will make you appreciate what you have and miss your own home. Not every country is all butterflies and rainbows. Some are poverty stricken and suffering. I encourage everyone to volunteer somewhere to help people in need. Whether its lack of food they suffer from of lack of love, each of us has something we can offer to help. Put your best foot forward and lend a helping hand.