10 Flight hacks every traveler should know

By In Travel — January 05, 2017

If you’re like me you research every possible detail before traveling. I wasn’t always this way, read about the rough overseas experience that made me obsessed with being prepared here.

Now here are the hacks! Keep in mind they work most of the time but arent guarenteed ALL the time. Also some of these are just my opinion through experience.

  1. Book non-Us airlines if you can to enjoy better amenities.
  2. Get familiar with code shares to earn miles on partner airlines
  3. Fly on a Boeing 767, they have fewer middle seats than other planes
  5. Keep extra cables and phone chargers handy
  6. Its a great idea to buy charging adapters for the different style outlets in different countries!! They can be bought at most airports.
  7. Bring a SQUISHY carry on that will fit in overhead bins.
  8. Let your bank know you’re traveling out of country so they don’t freeze your accounts. (it is a pain in the ass trying to fix this problem)
  9. Subscribe to Boingo WIFI to save some cash on internet charges on the flight.
  10. Book an economy ticket with Y or B booking codes for upgrades